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AKRETIS – Swiss Trance Producer and DJ since 1997.

In the early 1990s, inspired by techno parties in Switzerland, Benny Aregger
bought his DJ equipment. Influenced by the rush of nights and DJs like Dream, Mind-X, Snowman, Dave202, Armin van Buuren, Westbam and many more, his career began on October 4, 1997 at the first Mind Revolution in electroplating train.

After that followed many raves, clubs and parties all over Switzerland. He was a member of the label Paradox Music. Paradox Music organized the party series in the Galvanik Zug: Mind Revolution 1-9, Reincarnation 1-20, Halloween Attack 1-3, Mind Vision, Summer of Trance and many more.

The parties were known beyond the country’s borders and international DJs like Mellow Trax, Pulsedriver, Ayla, Kai Tracid, Gollum, DJ Mantra, Cocooma, Mario Lopez, DJ Framic AKA Marc Van Linden but also national stars like Mind-X, Snowman, DJ Purse, Energy, Dave202, Max B. Grand, DJ Noise, Dave Joy, Vesiga and many more, were firmly booked sizes at their parties.

In the 2000 years the record label Paradox Music Records was founded and many trance records were released. The first record was Freestate (which came from the producers of Above and Beyond). The last one was AKRETIS -Theres a Time, in 2005 with remixes by Sean Tyas, Photon Decay

Today, 13 years after his last appearance at the old OXA in Zurich, under the name AKRETIS, Benny returns to the limelight with the name AKRETIS. So we can be curious what else will come.

Clubs: OXA, Sky Club, D-Light, Unicum, Warehouse, Galvanik Zug, Sedel Luzern, Gate One, Stufenbau, Firehouse, LAVA Club, Pascha Winterthur, and many more

Parties: Mind Revolution 1-9, Reincarnation 1-20, Paradox Nights 1-5, Mind Vision 1+2, Best of Switzerland, Night in Motion, Motion Open Air Pre-Party, Explosion and many more

Further projects:
Ben Purple – Minimal and Techno

2008 – 2016 Sadistic Pleasure, My Synth is Sick and My Synth Is Sick 2.0, Moustache on Fire, Cherimoya, Wannado
2017: The Awakening EP, Global Underground EP

Talshia – Easy -Ben Purple Remix, Zemtsov – Faith in Glam Ben Purple Remix, Pascal K and Pat Norman – BING – Ben Purple Remix, E-Boyz – Get it Right – Ben Purple Remix

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