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Danny Carlson

Danny Carlson

Switzerland /


Dennis Petermann (born 28 April 1995), better known as Danny Carlson, is a Swiss DJ, record producer, musician and songwriter of electronic dance music from Zurich.

He is known for his eclectic style of production and own piano compositions in most of his songs. He learned to play piano at age 12 and guitar at age 21. Danny has played now in over 40 clubs and festivals in Switzerland such as Streetparade Zurich and Vanilla Club. International he has played in clubs including “EDEN”, “RIO” and “PUKKA UP” in Ibiza (Spain).

At the end of 2016, Danny founded his own record label and company with Sonny Vice called Solution of Sounds Group based in Switzerland. Regarded as one of the founding fathers of Solution of Sounds Group, it’s evident why Swiss DJ/Producer Danny Carlson is seen now as a pioneer of the Swiss dance music. He has produced and remixed for a diverse range of artists including Sonny Vice, Robin Tune, Guru Project, Klaas, Sean Paul and Josh Wantie. Success followed soon after with songs like “Million Faces” and “Real Love”. In 2017 he also released a remix called don’t talk, one of his first with over 100k plays on Spotify. In Summer 2017, Danny signed a deal with HaHaHa Procution based in England for his Remix “When” together with August Day and José Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio).

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