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Kana$hi – FILWYA



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Kana$hi – FILWYA [Black Orchid – BLO008]

Kana$hi returns to the Black Orchid Family with his new Single “FILWYA”!

FILWYA (Fell In Love With You Again) is a collection of mistakes Kana$hi has made in the past put into a song.
This song is very special to him as it not only showcases the struggles (like addiction, heartbreak and mental health) he had gone through, but the song is also a different style than what he is originally used to.
FILWYA started off as an experimental track to try out something new and it quickly became the favorite track amongst the team.

℗+©2022 Black Orchid, a division of k-direct AG / Solution of Sounds GmbH

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Release infos:
21.10.2022 | 7619933309628 | BLO008 | All Shops

1 Kana$hi – FILWYA | CH0312200041

Composed by Marco Camardella, Erhan Yücesan, Robin Turrini.
Written by Marco Camardella.
Produced by Sonny Vice, Robin Hills.
Published by Check Point Music Publishing (SUISA).
℗+©2022 Black Orchid, a division of Solution of Sounds GmbH