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Losing Myself

Kana$hi – Losing Myself

  • Losing Myself


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Kana$hi – Losing Myself [Black Orchid – BLO004]

Kana$hi joins the Black Orchid Family with his debut-single “Losing Myself”!

℗+©2022 Black Orchid, a division of k-direct AG / Solution of Sounds GmbH

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25.03.2022 | 7619933307624 | BLO004 | All Shops

1 Kana$hi – Losing Myself | CH0312200013

Composed by Marco Camardella, Erhan Yücesan, Robin Turrini.
Written by Marco Camardella.
Produced by Sonny Vice, Robin Hills.
Published by Checkpoint Music Publishing (SUISA).
℗+©2022 Black Orchid, a division of Solution of Sounds GmbH