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Simplex D.S.N. – Skywalker (Remixes)

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Simplex D.S.N. – Skywalker (Remixes) [Thrust Groove Records – JMTG019]

Following the Beatport Top100 charted remix by Madwave peaking at #2, SIMPLEX D.S.N. delivers an original SKYWALKER Update 2.1 and two new remixes by FORION and PHOTON DECAY.

SKYWALKER was originally released in 2004 on „Sectioned Recordings“ (Alphamagic) and re-released in 2006 as the label debut of both the company „Joyride Music“ and its first sublabel „Thrust Groove Records“ as a 2-part vinyl with remixes by „XLR Project“, „Beam vs. Sean Tyas“ and „DJ Napo & Alex Trackone“. SIMPLEX D.S.N. was a collaboration of DJ D-Light (aka Climax 69/Photon Decay) and Dave Joy.

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β„—+Β©2020 Thrust Groove Records [LC 14076], a division of Joyride Music

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Release infos:
24.02.2020 | 7619934018420 | JMTG019 | Beatport
13.03.2020 | 7619934018437 | JMTG019 | All other shops

1 Simplex D.S.N. – Skywalker (Forion Remix) | CH5012000021
2 Simplex D.S.N. – Skywalker (Update 2.1) | CH5012000022
3 Simplex D.S.N. – Skywalker (Photon Decay Remix) | CH5012000023
4 Simplex D.S.N. – Skywalker (Update 2.1 Radio Mix) | CH5012000024
5 Simplex D.S.N. – Skywalker (Photon Decay Radio Mix) | CH5012000025

Written & composed by Stephan Buettner, Sascha Milde, Dennis Schimonik, Marc Hunziker. Published by Sirup Music (SUISA). Produced by DJ D-Light (Stephan Buettner), Sascha „SF2000“ Milde, Dennis „NYC“ Schimonik & Dave Joy. Update 2.1 & Photon Decay Remix produced by Stephan Buettner
β„—+Β©2020 Thrust Groove Records [LC 14076], a division of Joyride Music