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Eddy Wata

Eddy Wata

Nigeria / Italy /


Eddy Wata is a Nigerian artist who started his singing career in Italy and immediately found success with international hits such as La bomba and Jam.

After a short period following his instant success as the king of ragga dance, Eddy is back in the summer of 2008 with I love my people a fantastic track which is released in 16 countries and becomes a hit in France, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Poland, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Finland and Israel. It looked like he had never stopped since his previous hits and hes invited to perform in several countries. During the fall/winter 2008, Eddy recorded several tracks, enough to compile an album and after a meeting between management and DYI, it is decided to go with The light as a follow up to I love my people. This is not the strongest single among the lot but a good follow up, which allows Eddy to keep going and maintain the momentum achieved with I love my people. My dream, the third single of the new era, is released in time for the summer 2009 and gets licensed to Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Israel, Russia, Finland, Brazil, Spain, Ukraine, Greece and South Africa, Germany, Austria, Australia, Eddy Wata, since his coming back has been very busy on the road with club performances and promotion in Romania, Spain, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Albania, Israel and Turkey. Further to an extensive club tour throughout the 2009 summer, he performed on the Hity Na Csazie Festival in Poland and his performance on the show launched him to stardom level over there, as well as in most of the Eastern European countries.

The summer is over and the winter 2009/10 doesnt stop Eddys will to show the Artist he is; Eddy is again on the market and on tour with his newest single: I like the way. In a handful of days, the response to the single is unanimous, but it keeps going until the summer 2010 with licences in the following territories: Poland, South Africa, Ukraine, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Spain, Benelux, Scandinavia, Finland, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, Brazil, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Portugal, Romania.