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Suzanne Klee – Back from U.S.A.

Catpix Records CPR-SKM 336328 23. July 1988

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Suzanne Klee – Back from U.S.A.

01 A little bit of heaven
02 Together again
03 Oh lonesome me
04 Mother country music
05 Tennessee Waltz
06 Who needs you
07 Old Flames
08 Leavin’ Louisiana in the broad daylight
09 Would you lay with me (In a field of stone)
10 Yellow rose of Texas
11 You didn’t have to love me
12 Darlin’
13 Love is a rose
14 I’ll need someone to hold me
15 I tried not falling in love with you
16 I still miss someone
17 I can’t help it (If I’m still in love with you)
18 The more I see of these cowboys
19 Today I started loving you again
20 Sometimes you don’t know it’s love
21 I was kinda crazy then

℗+©1988 Catpix Records, Suzanne Klee Music

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