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Kurt Zeltner – Backyard

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Kurt Zeltner – Backyard [Blue Martin Records – BLM 333160]

Kurt Zeltner returns to Blue Martin with his new Single “Backyard”!

“Lie down in the backyard, I don’t know who I am. Like with a bullet in my head.
Down in the mud, blood’s runnin’ off. Am I livin’, am I dead?
Man down, I scream. Man down, I scream. But the world just keeps on turnin’…”

What more can you say? It’s a cry from the battlefield of love. Hurt is deep. And deeply wounded, he fights his way back to life.
Not for a second does he doubt he will survive. But he still needs a moment. A brief moment to collect himself before he gets up and moves on.
The song is not characterized by clumsy harshness. Not the beautiful piano loop or the unique vocals shouted out over the Marshall amp in the bridge.
It’s the energy. The unbridled energy that characterizes this song. Authenticity? But so much!
Zeltner pulls the last crumb from the deepest crevice of his past and lets it explode over the congregation.

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℗+©2024 Blue Martin Records [LC 01943], a division of Solution of Sounds GmbH

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15.03.2024 | 7619933316039 | BLM 333160-3

01 Kurt Zeltner – Backyard | CH0312400014

Written & Composed by Kurt Zeltner.
Published by Check Point Music Publishing.
℗+©2024 Blue Martin Records [LC 01943], a division of k-direct AG / Solution of Sounds GmbH