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Hello EDM (Mixed by Jendrik de Ruvo & Mashupmen)

Future Soundz KFS 330552-2 27. February 2015

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Various Artists – Hello EDM (Mixed by Jendrik de Ruvo & Mashupmen) [Future Soundz – KFS 330552]

Message from the artist:
Aaah, music… the most widely consumed art form in this world… and it’s worth nothing… BUT, in case you WILL buy my “Hello EDM” Mix-Compilation at a legal download-shop of your choosing, you definitely WILL go to a better place when you die, eventually, some time in the future.

Also, I will earn 72 cents. Just enough to buy me a virgin Flensburger Pilsener beer (without deposit). And… just do the math: 1 Million downloads and I can get my very own Sunseeker Yacht on Sylt; Wouldn’t you love to see me dressed in Captains gear? So, while pushing the download button… twice… think about me and all the hardworking musicians, producers, singers and remixers contributing their music to make this release even possible for you to enjoy and thus also benefitting from your kind purchase.

Hello EDM, hello Future, hello Soundz

01 Tonique – Move Like An Arrow (Molitor Remix)
02 Aron Tanie feat. Sky – I Make You Smile (Extended Mix)
03 LeeRoy – Lift Me Up (Extended Mix)
04 Johnny Roxx – Big Booty Gal (Original Mix)
05 Mashupmen – Dirty Flow (Paramond Remix)
06 DJ Can – Jackpot (Extendend Mix)
07 Igor Blaska feat. Yvan Franel – Overman (Nikolaz Remix)
08 Danny Globe – Don’t Stop (Original Mixture)
09 Pat Farrell feat. John Anselm – Life’s Too Short (Club Mix)
10 Igor Blaska feat. Violeta White & Vkee Madison – Be Mad Be Bad (HouseMadness Remix)
11 Christopher S & Mish – Love Is… (Deba Montana Remix)
12 Butterfly – Next (Official Cubik Anthem) (Luca Teseo Remix)
13 Whiteside – Till The Night Is Over (Mordax Bastards Remix)
14 Decibel Artforce – Jinx (DJ Vaven Remix)
15 Dax – Index (Original Mixture)
16 Team Drop feat. Reggie Saunders – Voices (Club Mix)
17 DarOn – Space (Radio Mix)
18 Hello EDM (Mixed by Jendrik de Ruvo & Mashupmen) [Continuous Mix]

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