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Suzanne Klee – My Early Collection

Catpix Records CPR-SKM 336343 15. June 1996

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Suzanne Klee – My Early Collection

01 Meant For Each Other (With Harry Shannon, ’96)
02 I’ll Never Get Over You
03 If It Gets Any Better Than This
04 Favorite Memory Of Mine
05 I Tried Not Fallin’ In Love With You
06 Sometimes You Don’t Know It’s Love
07 I Wake Up Wanting You
08 Let Me Be The One
09 Mother Country Music
10 For No Reason At All
11 Say A Long Good-Bye
12 It Was Time (With Harry Shannon)
13 Fallin’ In Love Fallin’ Apart
14 Red Red Wine
15 Wenn Du Nicht Weisst Wohin
16 Deine Augen Reden Zuviel
17 Leavin’ You Is Easier (With Bernie Paul)
18 Nein, Das Seh Ich Nicht Ein
19 Make It Pretty For Me
20 Substitute

℗+©1996 Catpix Records, Suzanne Klee Music

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