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Welcome Back to the Future (Arrival Hits OCT.21.2015-04:29)

Starhunter STH 330585 16. October 2015

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Various Artists – Welcome Back to the Future (Arrival Hits OCT.21.2015-04:29) [Starhunter – STH 330585]

Let’s celebrate the arrival of Marty McFly!!

34 banging Future tracks at an incredible price!!

Welcome to the present!!
01 Igor Blaska – Boo Boo Booty (Radio Mix) [feat. F-Ace]
02 Andre Picar, Daniel van Bjerg – Walking Out (Radio Mix) [feat. Yasemin]
03 Franques – In the Summer (Jamie Lewis Radio Mix) [feat. Max C]
04 John Bounce – Bass Catcher (Radio Mix)
05 Cotpit – Out of Time (Syskey Radio Mix)
06 Simeon – Morning Light (Radio Mix)
07 Xsonatix, Dima Positive – Light in the Dark (Radio Mix) [feat. Lisa Violet]
08 The Beatrockers – Never Coming Back (Radio Mix) [feat. Danny Q Parker]
09 Mordax Bastards, Discopapa, Joss Beaumont – Paradise (Aaron Lock Remix) [feat. Darren Barley]
10 Lelah – Die Sonne (Sonny Vice & Dimiq Radio Mix)
11 Shaolin Master – Imagination (Frank Dueffel Radio Mix) [feat. Alex Grace]
12 Alana Brazda – Nice to Meet You (Radio Mix) [feat. Becci]
13 Christopher S – Beat & Lights (Megastylez vs. DJ Restlezz Radio Mix) [feat. Aloma Steele, TomE]
14 Richard Blacklund – Here with Me (No Trixx Remix)
15 Dan Daniels, Miss D-Star – The Time Always Flies
16 Tommy Henriksen – Give’m Hell (Guru Project Radio Mix)
17 Matt Cee, The Moogs – Now (Dave202 Radio Mix) [feat. Marta]
18 Alex Price – Magic Moments (Official Street Parade Hymn 2015) [Madwave Radio Mix]
19 Guru Josh, DJ Igor Blaska – Eternity (Radio Edit)
20 LeeRoy – Never Stop (Radio Mix)
21 John Bounce – SP33D (Radio Mix)
22 Sonny Vice, Levi Blind – Beautiful Life (Radio Mix) [feat. Ninow]
23 Jay Style – Confused (Sonny Vice Remix)
24 Mark Main, Simeon – This Is Human (Christopher S & Simeon Remix) [feat. Lisa]
25 DJ Vaven – Come Over (Radio Mix)
26 Ale Anguissola, Ana Flora – Morena (Get Far Edit) [feat. Get Far Fargetta]
27 Christopher S – No Place Like Home (NeoTune! Remix) [feat. Jenson Vaughan]
28 Roni Meller – The Day After (Will I Be Free) [Mike Candys & Jack Holiday Radio Mix] [feat. Dee Dee]
29 Team Drop – Voices (Radio Mix) [feat. Reggie Saunders]
30 Nima van Gavim – Super Nova (Radio Mix)
31 Pat Farrell – When U Come Around (Short Mix) [feat. John Anselm]
32 Rome – Chase Me (Extended Mix)
33 Luca Hänni – Like There’s No Tomorrow (feat. Nate-Ivity)
34 Dave202 – Arrival (Main Time Radio Mix)

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