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Kurt Zeltner – Songs of Hope (Live & Analog)

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Kurt Zeltner – Songs of Hope [Blue Martin Records – BLM 334045]

What’s bigger than taking a step back?
In the age of complete digitalization, Zeltner decided to record an album live & analogue.

“Almost” unplugged, he is accompanied – as so often – by Jean-Pierre von Dach, Philipp “Bluedög” Gerber as well as best body and old companion Simon Klopfenstein on the guitars.
There is also MAX Müller on cajon and percussion, as well as Corinne Wohler with her singing. An honest and authentic production in the digital world of illusion.
«SONGS OF HOPE» brings some light into dark times. The album was produced and recorded at Foolpark Recording, Lucerne.

Artist infos:

℗+©2023 Blue Martin Records [LC 01943], a division of k-direct AG / Solution of Sounds GmbH

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Release infos:
20.01.2023 | 7619933404521 | BLM 334045-2

01 Kurt Zeltner – Sunrise (Live) | CH0321900001
02 Kurt Zeltner – Bird on My Shoulder (Live) | CH0321900004
03 Kurt Zeltner – Pass the Red Line (Live) | CH0321900005
04 Kurt Zeltner – Let Us Fall (Live) | CH0321900006
05 Kurt Zeltner – Silence (Live) | CH0321900007
06 Kurt Zeltner – Sleepless (Live) | CH0321900008
07 Kurt Zeltner – Backyard (Live) | CH0321900009
08 Kurt Zeltner – Leonard (Live) | CH0321900010
09 Kurt Zeltner – Silence | CH0321800129

Written & composed by Kurt Zeltner.
Published by Check Point Music Publishing (SUISA).
Produced by Kurt Zeltner & Deezl Imhof.
℗+©2023 Blue Martin Records [LC 01943], a division of Solution of Sounds GmbH